Monday, June 29, 2009

Ten Cards have to go to Jennie's BLOG
there are directions you can download..
are these cute, or what !!!


Debbie said...

Those are very nice. I was able (with the help of handyman) to download the directions for those cards. I've been in a cardmaking slump lately. Seems if I ever stop doing something I like, it's hard to conjure up the interest and energy to start doing it again. But I'm trying; and these sure provide the incentive. Thanks Deb,

a portland granny said...

I found your blog on your sister's site. Its been a fun journey looking through it. I LOVE your craft room. I have one room dedicated to my cards and scrap booking, and its full, but although organized, doesn't look nearly as neat as yours. I try!! I think having all of your storage matching really helps.

I shall return!

Sandra said...

Oh these are adorable. Thanks for posting about them. I love making cards too.

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...
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blackberrycottage said...

Oh my these are just lovely.
I love card making but with two little girls I seldom have time to do these things. I love the colours.
How have you been Deby~
hugs Sandra nz

Kathi said...

These cards are very pretty Deby. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. I just read on your description that you have fibromyalgia. I'm sorry. I don't know a lot about it, but I do know it is painful. My mother has it. I don't know if I could also get it from heredity or not. I also so that you wrote you were chubby. That is a cute way of describing yourself. I have been tiny my whole life, but just recently gained ten pounds for no reason. I think it's menopause, and I'm just thinking, "Welcome to the club, Kathi." I do want to start walking three days a week to become more fit and to stay healthy.

Have a pleasant evening. Kathi